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Additional Genealogical Information

The Rabbit Center

Rabbit Center, also called Welcome Valley, is 3.5 miles from Stephenville, Texas on Hwy 67 going toward Glen Rose. On the web-site, Erath County Landmarks and vanished communities the location is given as 321202 North  and 0980900 West.

The name origin of Rabbit Center is Unknown. Legend was there was a hole in the road and a rabbit jumped out of it.

It has no school or cemetery connected with it.  However, the Evergreen School and Church were the next community past Rabbit Center on the old dirt Hwy 67.

There are (in 2008) a few houses and businesses along the highway.  It is growing and probably bigger today than it was in earlier years.

Mrs.  Marilyn Ewers, a ECGS member, called to add this information the article on Rabbit Center/Welcome Valley.

The original name for the area was Welcome Valley.  In the 1930's/1940's there was a Church of Christ at this location.  After WWII, a barracks was moved to the intersection of the East Road and North Hwy 377. It was north of the junction. It later merged with the North Side Church of Christ.

There was a man named James living there that raised rabbits.  Someone, as a joke, put up a sign saying "Rabbit Center."  The name seems to have stuck!