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Interlibrary Loan Policy


Interlibrary Loan (ILL) is the process by which a library borrows materials to or from another library. 

  •        Must have a valid Dublin Public Library Card.
  •        Patron must not owe library fines of over $5.00 or have any books that are overdue.
  •        Must complete an interlibrary loan request form.
  •       May place 6 requests at a time.
  •        Is responsible for the return postage on each item requested.
  •        Is responsible for paying a late fee of $1.00 a day.
  •        Patron may not renew items.
  •        Is responsible for the replacement cost of a lost or damaged book. This cost is determined by the lending library.
  •        A patron under the age of 18 must have parents/or legal guardians signature.
  •        Materials may take up to 3 weeks or more to arrive.  Average wait on arrival is 1 week.

The Dublin Public Library does not loan reference materials, bestsellers, genealogy and local history, audiovisual, microfilm, rare or valuable materials or bulky or fragile items.